Meet your organisers!

Hello everyone! We are Andrew Forcucci and Zahabiya Malubhoy, Secretary-Generals of BRIMUN 2019.

Studying International Relations: Politics and History and Biochemistry and Cell Biology respectively at Jacobs University Bremen, we look forward to hosting you on our campus in Spring 2019 for a phenomenal conference. With a collective experience of 15+ MUNs between us, we have been working hard to ensure this experience leaves everyone of the you eager for another conference, especially future editions of BRIMUN!

Hello, my name is Muhammad Zubair Raza (Call me Zubair! ) from Pakistan, currently pursuing a major in Global Economics Management in Jacobs. Sounds flashy but we just sit and debate on how students studying Economics are way cooler than students from Business administration. Anyways, coming back to MUN, I learned about the healing power of dialogue at my first conference when I witnessed an interaction between the delegates of Israel and Palestine. Both the delegates were at each other’s throats with cheap shots being thrown here and there in the beginning of the conference and by the end both of them had become really good friends. I hope BRIMUN 2019 offers you with a similar experience.
I’ll serving as the Head of Registrations and Finance Committee and I’m looking forward to your emails/phone calls regarding the problems that you may face during the registration phase. Lastly, do not hesitate to talk to me during the conference! You’ll probably see me running around a lot.

Hey everyone, my name is Emnet K Teshome and I’m from Ethiopia. I’m currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management. Model UN has been a big part of my life before coming to Jacobs and as head of the Logistics department, I want to make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be and that things go smoothly so that we have a successful conference. 

Hello everyone, My name is Andrew Forcucci and I am one of the two Secretary-General’s of BriMUN 2019. I am Swiss-Canadian-Italian-Mexican and study International Relations: Politics and History. As Secretary General, I work with our team and set agendas to make sure everything runs smoothly so that BriMUN 2019 can be a phenomenal experience.

Hey, my name is Roa Al-Hashimi from Syria and Iraq and I am currently pursuing a major in Electric and Computer Engineering. I’ve been organizing and participating in MUNs for about 6 years, and am certainly looking forward to adding BriMUN’19 to the list! As the head of the Marketing and Sponsorship department, my main goal is to find creative ways to recruit participants and investors to make the conference a success. So, hopefully I will get to meet all of you there!
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